American Gods Season 1 Episode 3

Recap /Review/ Spoilers

Somewhere in America

somewhere in america

The episode begins with a lady of Muslim religion making a meal for her family, someone knocks at her door and is Mr. El Jaquel (Chris Obi), she thinks it’s a robbery and she tells him like “hey takes everything but let me be”

Mr. Jaquel says I wish I was a thief but I am the death and you died suddenly she sees her body on the ground and he tells her that her family will come soon.

Then she says “Muslim home, why Anubis comes for her?” she wondered? He says that it is by her grace and that when she was a child her Tita (Grandmother) told stories about the Egyptian myths. I suppose she changes religion when he confirms to her about her grandmother reference. Then he the takes her to the scale and the cat that was present goes with them.

Mr Jaquel

Anubis is the guardian of the scales here makes the ritual of the balance between the feather and the heart. He is the one who leads the souls to Ammit to be devoured by this if the soul is heavier than the feather. In this, the lady tells the bad things that she did with fear that she tried to do good, to this Mr. Jaquel tells her “Your best is good”

Mr Jaquel Anubis

Mr. Jaquel tells her that she has to choose which door to go, she wants him to choose for her, she goes to the door that he opens for her, here she starts to question if she had chosen the right God because she is afraid that she will not see her Tita anymore, the cat pushes her and the doors are closed. The cats in the Egyptian culture are very important to them.

I read an article that the scene of Mr. Jaquel was going be the introduction of the first episode as coming to America but then it was changed for the Vikings story to give more meaning to the chapter.  And I think that cat was a bast because that cat breeds it’s very expensive for that lady. 

The Third Zorya Sister

Shadow wakes up and sees that someone climbs the stairs to the roof. When he arrives he found Zorya Polunochnaya (Erika Kaar) watching the stars.


Shadow asked what she sees in the sky and she tells him that she is watching the great bear that it’s a thing, not a God but like a God, it’s a bad thing chained up in the stars. If the chain ever breaks, the hound will devour the constellation and the universe will end (Simargl). That’s why Polunochnaya and her sister guards the skies every day and every night as in the original mythology.

She tells the fortune to Shadow about his journey, “From belief in nothing to believe in everything,” she quote. This means that Shadow thinks that he has lost everything and is a person who is not afraid of death, therefore he continues to play with his luck and life, like sell his head to Czernobog.

zorya moon

Zorya gives him the moon (another coin trick) and tells him to not lose it and not give away, since he uses to have protection and used to have the sun, apparently he lost it. I think she’s talking about Mad Sweeney coin, that has a sun in one of the sides and he throw it away at Laura’s tomb or maybe she’s talking about of what Shadow is. (Thunderbird for me)

There is a point at that the gods they see something in Shadow that he doesn’t know about it and they know that he is different or one of them.

Second Checkers Game

Shadow and Czenorbog

Shadows make Czernoborg play with him for the second time. Telling him that perhaps he have a lot of time without using the hammer that maybe he could fail and leave him with a brain damage.

Shadow realizes that Czenorbog is doing the same play and goes in another direction at the end he wins, Czenorbog defeated tells him that he will go to Wisconsin but after everything is done he will kill him with his hammer.

The next day Shadow wakes up, he asks himself if everything that happened on the roof was a dream because the metal ladder are no longer at the window, but he finds the coin (The moon) that Zorya Polunochnaya gave him.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 12.02.40 AM

I think that Shadow wins the game for the protection of the Moon that Zorya gave him and therefore she warns him not to give or lose the coin.

Vechernyaya & Mr. Wednesday

zorya mr wednesday

Zorya Vechernyaya and Mr. Wednesday talk about the past and now in this conversation, Mr. Wednesday asks her to read the fortune for him, the stain of coffee that she sees is like a skull I think…. and tells him that “you will fail and they will win” Wednesday very confident tells her that’s only my fortune today.

I love the chemistry between Wednesday and Zorya. I have not seen many relationships in flirtation between older people I think it’s sweet and awesome is something varied to see that this is not only for young actors.

Salim & The Jinn

somewhere in america

The second somewhere in America from the episode begins with the story of Salim (Omid Abtahi), he is a young Muslim living in New York City. He goes to an office where he arrives half an hour early and spends all day at the office across from a secretary, but Mr. Blanding never has the time to see him. At the end of the day, I decided to take a taxi back to the hotel.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 12.08.17 AM

The taxi driver is a poor, exhausted middle eastern man. When Salim hears that he speak his language they start to talk about where are they from to each other. Then the taxi driver falls asleep at the wheel, and Salim reaches over to wake him and accidentally knocks off his sunglasses. That’s when he sees his eyes: they burn like fire.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 12.09.54 AM

The man is a jinn (Mousa Kraish): someone who was born of fire, as opposed to of mud, like men. Salim’s before getting upstairs, tells the Jinn his room number. In the elevator, you can see Salim testing the waters with the jinn, because the struggle is real in this culture with gay relationships.

salim jinn

And I think it’s sweet how Salim approach to the Jinn looking if he goes with the flow with him. I love in the elevator how he is scared to reach his hand in looking for approbation.

Then in the room Salim and the Jinn have a beautiful intimate moment, I love that this wasn’t like a lust sex, this was something artistic and wasn’t vulgar either. Some people can take this in another way because is something unusual on television. This is one of the most sensual moments I’ve seen on tv. I love how the fire reflects Salim’s eyes when he sees the Jinn to the eyes, that was something impressive.

salim jinn

Salim finds that all his belongings are gone, and only the jinn taxi keys and ID remain (The ID is neither one of them). Salim began his new life as a taxi driver.

One observation is that the gods have to work as a mere mortal to survive in these lands. The case of the Jinn is that he is a taxi driver because maybe it is a job that comes closer to the people, so he can listen to their problems and depending on the problem or the person he will granted a wish for them.

Because until now all the gods to survive and stay strong the need to make people believe in them, do rituals in some way. Grant the wishes are the ritual of Jinn to stay alive. The aid to Salim is not to be afraid and start a new life for the order for him to be happy.

The Bank and The Snow

Shadow is altered because Mr. Wednesday wants to rob a bank and he has his reasons and fears of returning to prison. He does not agree to follow Mr. Wednesday games.

Mr.Wednesday enter the bank in search of deposit slips, to all this I believe that if you are careful you can spot an eye that appears on the tv and I think this is media watching over them. At the same time, there is a silhouette of a man with high hat and I think this could be Mr. World. Remember when I said to pay attention to the details. 😉


Then Mr. Wednesday enter a cafeteria and buy cocoa with marshmallow for Shadow and tell him to think in Snow. This is a hint subliminal that Mr.Wednesday gives because marshmallow looks like snow. I saw it as something fun to do.

Another detail of Mr. Wednesday is when he purchase the cocoa he puts a dollar into the cash register and the employee will return $10. This is the power of persuasion that has Mr. Wednesday in people. (Details)

shadow mr wednesday

This two do a lot of things to do before hitting the event oh wow ok… then they go to a photocopier where Mr. Wednesday talks about all this Jesus that they are in the world, I hope in the series we can see some of this Jesus because in the novel the only mention him and they put more than one Jesus to.

And if you look at the employee who attends to Mr. Wednesday has an appearance of Jesus it was a pretty funny moment.


Shadow begins to think about snow and falls asleep, while Mr. Wednesday tells him that it is enough that you are not going to want to freeze the city of snow. Shadow looks out the window and sees that it is snowing. This begins to question things.

episode 3

The Rob

mr wednesday

I love how Mr. Wednesday does this rob, it’s nothing rushing and with calm, as you can tell from the episode and the snow was a part of the plan for this. One thing that bothered me is that they replace the colors of the earmuffs in the novel they are color pink, it’s something funny because you can see the great power of persuasion of Mr. Wednesday even wearing these silly earmuffs he can get away with it.

Shadow on the way to the hotel begins to question his beliefs. Mr. Wednesday tells Shadow that if he still does not believe in what he sees because it is pretending that it is not real. Shadow says you have to be crazy to believe in all of that. On the road, they almost hit a wolf even Mr. Wednesday is surprised by this. I don’t know what this means if somebody knows let me know.

shadow mr wednesday

Then Shadows says that he feels that everything is a delirium and that it all feels like a dream. Mr. Wednesday tells Shadow that his only fear is to be forgotten.

This is the part that Mr. Wednesday it’s afraid of losing this war he has with the world and I think he needs Shadow to start to believe in everything he sees for the sake of his plan.

Bad Luck

shadow mad sweeney

Mad Sweeney wakes up in the bathroom of the crocodile bar and almost got shot in the face and he is kicked out from the bar, from here starts to walk on the path, later comes a creepy dude in a car. I mean I prefer to walk than taking a ride from this dude but it’s Mad Sweeney we are talking about here so whatever. Suddenly in the car with the dude happen a final destination moment.

Sweeney begins to question his luck and is when he realizes that his lucky coin is missing. The one that Shadow has.

Shadow and Mr. Wednesday are in a Chinese restaurant talking about the reality and fantasy, then Sweeney appears out of nowhere and asked Shadow to the return his coin that he give him the wrong one to him.

Shadow tells him that he will tell him where the coin is if he tells how he do his coin tricks, Sweeney tired already he tells him that he takes it out from the air. Shadow to all this still does not understand (Because you have to believe dumbass).

mad sweeney

Shadow says that he threw the coin into the grave of his wife.
Mad Sweaney arrives at the cemetery and begins to dig the grave of Laura it sees that the coin transfer the coffin then he sees that Laura’s body is missing.

Laura moon appears sitting in the hotel room of Shadow.



I loved the two stories somewhere in America, as opposed to coming to America these are gods who are already established in these lands, as well they have this similitude of helping people instead of helping only themselves.

We saw another ritual with Mr. Jaquel with the test of the balance and the feather, this is something that these gods have to do to keep these forces, in the novel Mr. Jaquel only mentions this ritual to Shadow but this scene was made for the series and the creator said this was supposed to be at the opening of the episode one.

The same thing happens with the Jinn about the rituals, this one may look for jobs where he can help the indicated people and grant wishes to help them and also to help himself.

There are more coin tricks, this time with Zorya when it gives the moon to Shadow in the form of a silver coin.

The currency of the fate of Mad Sweeney from not having his coin will bring many problems to him because this coin I think is a source of life for this character and I don’t think Laura will release it easily.

This episode was very exciting with the details, the new gods, that sexy hot scene. I’m loving everything that has been added to the series as new stuff and upgrades from the novel.

The season 2 has been renewed yei! And they say that American Gods are going to have 5 seasons. Which Is super because I think it is long enough to develop this novel without damaging it.

It seems that the next chapter will be more about Laura Moon according to the Promo 4 episode. Click Here.