American Gods Season 1 Episode 4

Recap /Review/ Spoilers

The fourth episode begins with a different perspective from the others, this one is for focused in Laura’s Moon life before and after the accident. Here we will have answers about those gaps that the others episode has. And how she appears sitting on Shadows bed from the motel room.


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Everything start at the old job of Laura, she Works in an Egyptian themed casino. (This is pretty cool because there is statues of Anubis (Mr. Jaquel) and Thoth (Mr.Ibis) in the transaction of the beginning of the story. We can see that she is an unhappy person with her life and she leaves lonely in her old home with her cat. On a night she tries to suicide herself in a hot tub with bug spray dousing the air. I mean come on girl you can find another way to turn your life better.

Casino Laura Shadow

She didn’t successful as everybody knows. Then a charming man appears at her table yes it’s Shadow DUH! She notices that he is trying to cheat the game and politely without alarming the guards she says to him he should leave while he can. Short long story a few years they got married……………………………………… ok moving on.

Wedding Shadow Laura

Shadows is in the spell of love state for Laura and for him he is living his best life ever, he changes for good, he gave up thieving and he gets a job at Robbie’s Gym (Dane Cook). But Laura still feels unfulfilled and she still has that suicide though with the hot tub. One day she sits Shadows down and tells him she has a plan, that they going to rob the casino. She is confident in her choice because she’s been working there for like 8 years but Shadow is somehow confused because he can’t understand why she is choosing that path because from his eyes he is having the best life with her.

Shadow and Laura

He is hurt because he can’t understand why the life they are sharing together isn’t enough for her. She tells him it because she needs to……. I CANT STAND LAURA AT THIS POINT. I mean I was like what the hell do you want? Shadow agrees to her plan and then TADA he gets caught.

Shadow Laura

In prison, Laura offers to take the deal of splitting the years in prison but he refuses to this, the only thing that he asks for her is to wait until he is released.

Laura cat

With Shadow in prison, the dead of her cat she starts to have suicide thoughts again. She asks Robbie to come over the day her cat die to help her bury him in the yard like you can’t do that yourself?  Then boom the affair start to happen. (YOU HAVE ONE JOB LAURA)


Then we catch the events from episode one when Shadow talks with Laura from prison while Robbie is laying down at Laura and Shadows bed. Until this point I was hating the episode because of Laura because she is a person who needs help and she find her distraction in Robbie because that’s what is all about her marriage with Shadow it was a distraction from her problems or maybe from her depression that’s make me sad for Shadow, he was having another point of view on that road. But her case it’s very complicated as a person.


Then the accident happens from this moment I start to like the episode. (The first part got me mad watching it) Laura is watching herself dying in the accident like in the last episode with Mrs. Fadil that she watch herself on the floor when she founds out she is dead when Mr. Jacquel appears and take her to the scale.


But for Laura is different from that moment to another she is in the dessert and Mr. Jacquel is there waiting for her. There is a difference between the afterlife from the last episode and this, for Mrs. Fadil from the last episode, she stepped into a long stair to skies and everything was light and warm with aurora in the sky, the clothing from Mr. Jacquel was white and he was more kind with the words.

Mr. Jacquel Laura

But in Laura’s it’s similar but with a tone darker, gray like a big cloud was always in the sky. She didn’t climb a stair she just shows up there, Mr. Jacquel was in his black clothes and he was more cut with her with the words.

And I feel like my grandmother when you disrespect the religion when Laura’s was so rude and refuse to do the ritual with Mr. Jacquel. She tells him like a brat “I lived my life, good and bad,” “Definitely not as light as a feather.” And I was like omg Anubis just finish her, but that wasn’t going to happen.

Mr. Jacquel in response to all her blah blah he shows her the hot tub with a can of bug spray (the name of the label its the name of the episode “Git Gone”), he informs her that because she believed in nothing, she, in turn, will become nothing when she is dead. When she star to get scared of the hot tub she tries like is there another way and he says to her that death is not a debate. (Preach Mr. Jacquel I was loving that moment)

Then she is bringing to the earth as a Zombie Wife.

Mr Jacquel

But I have a doubt about all this afterlife stuff, Laura was open about the fact that she never believed in anything about an afterlife, but when she dies she meets Mr. Jacquel. This sort confused me because I was understanding that if you are from sort kind of religion you will encounter the God that you choose in your life. Maybe it’s because she was always around with Anubis and Thoth decoration in the casino or its just because this is a series and Anubis is the god of death and that’s it.


Back to the cemetery, Laura claws her way out of her grave. This was very easy for her I mean did you ever see Buffy when she claws from her grave or in Kill Bill it was pretty hard to get out of there with the dirt and the wood. That was something in my mind watching her doing this.

I love how she sees the world as a zombie, very rare, cold and dark and the only thing that shines it’s a strong light that she sees into the woods. She follows it, she sees a man hanging from a tree and realize that its Shadow, surrounded by Technical Boys no faces bodyguards.


As the rain goes she start to fight the no faces dudes with an incredible strength and speed with an amazing cinematography slow motion fight with a bloodbath, she set Shadows free meanwhile she is fighting. Feeling no pain, she rips in half those weird dudes but one of them crowbar her arm and in that moment she kicks his spinal column out. That was a badass moment.

In the novel she doesn’t have this strength she is just a walking zombie with Mad Sweeney coin around her neck because this is something temporary but in the series, I think they will change this.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 1.51.57 PM

When she finished, she hides instead of trying to help more Shadows, and here is my answer from episode one. Laura is the savior of Shadow (Because this wasn’t in the books I was lost like everybody else)

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 1.53.05 PM

On the road to her home, she is carrying her own arm which she lost in the fight when she arrives she clean herself and go hide in the hot tub when Shadow stops by to clean the house this happened in episode 2.

Then she breaks into Audrey’s home goes to the room with craft supplies and tries to sew her arm. Then Audrey’s catch her and she freaks out and call her the best nickname Zombie Whore and runs to the bathroom. Laura tries to calm her down while sitting on the toilet, she is popping fluids I don’t know and I don’t want to know that detail.

laura audrey bathroom

I was laughing at that scene to be true. Laura apologizes for being such a crappy friend. “It’s so much easier grieving someone when you’re glad they’re dead,” Audrey throw her back, then we see her sewing Laura arm back on and driving her to her final destination whenever Laura needs to go.

laura audreys

Audrey, I love that woman, she will need help after all this crap in her life, like your husband was having an affair with your best friends and then they die, the next thing that happens it’s to find the Whore in your house as a Zombie. She manages very well if you ask me.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 1.55.08 PM

A thing that I love is that where Laura wants to go is where the light of Shadow is. She now has this vision like a negative filter and the only light she sees is Shadow. I wonder if she in her eyes see him like that or the other gods see that light to in him.

Mr. Jacquel Mr. Ibis

On the way, Laura and Audrey are stopped by Ibis and Jacquel. I’m glad to start watching Ibis integration on the series we only see him on the relates of Coming to America. Like in the novel Ibis and Jacquel run a small funeral parlor is an excellent job for them because they are two Egyptian gods of the dead I mean make scents they are the expert in that area.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 1.55.55 PM

They take Laura to fix her arm and giving a human make up because as you can see she looks like a zombie and she need that Tyra makeover to walk on the earth. Jacquel tells her that he will not interfere in whatever the hell has brought to her back to earth but when she completes her task he will there to return her soul to the darkness and death.


At the end, she goes to the hotel where Shadow and Mr. Wednesday are staying and start to wait until he arrives. In that scene, I love the catch flies because she is dead inside and you can see all this flies around her that’s most be so annoying.


I love the time lapse of the waiting and the end comes this light that is Shadow. That was beautiful, and when he opens the door it’s like BOOM.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 1.58.19 PM

From now Laura start to love Shadow you know NOW that she is dead, the episode doesn’t make any reference to Mad Sweeney coin that is the thing that brings Laura to life as a Zombie state. She doesn’t know what is going to wait for the future for her in this journey but the only thing she knows it’s that she will protect her husband. We will see her somehow sometimes saving Shadows.