American Gods Season 1 Episode 5

Recap /Review/ Spoilers

Shadow’s emotional reunion with his dead and unfaithful wife is interrupted when he and Mr. Wednesday are kidnapped by the New Gods.

The forgotten god

coming to america

The episode started with a Coming to America but this time is a different one from the other stories. This was a beautiful monolog in a stop motion style animation like a tale the stylish of that sequence reminds me of the movie animated Kubo. The story is about the oldest American Gods, begins with a tribe crossing the land from Siberia led by a woman named Atsula and their God is Nunyunnini a very big skull of a mammoth that they carry with them.

Coming to America

With the journey of this people, they are eventually absorbed by other tribes and with this event Nunyunnini its forgotten. The purpose of this tale is that gods can be forgotten if people don’t believe in them and the consequence of this it’s the dead of a god. This is a fear that Wednesday shows us in other episodes the fear of being forgotten.

coming to america

The Reunion

Finally, Shadows arrived at the hotel room with Laura waiting for him, when he sees her he doesn’t freak out about it but he throws a pillow at her face to make sure he is not hallucinating. I was laughing at this because ok Shadows it’s taking all very well after all but then I remember his been watching crazy stuff happening in his life lately.

shadow laura

The first thing that he does is confronts at her it’s the theme about Robbie. I think she tries to avoid the theme but he doesn’t buy it. She apologizes to him. She feels more love now than when she was alive with him.


They kiss and her heart gives a beat at her chest. That visual was beautiful portrait. This scene reminds me the conversation they have on the first chapter from the novel that everybody was somehow mad like me that this moment wasn’t long enough in the first episode but they bring it here. The thing is that she tells him that she will protect him and this is her mission from this story. But at the end, he doesn’t feel the same with her as she feels now for him.

The Birds

She asks for a cigarette to Shadow and he goes for them, you can see on the shot the birds watching over him. in every episode they are two crows always flying or watching in the scene.


Ok in every episode the two crows are always mysteriously in some moments and events watching over. If you watch the other episodes you will find them in the shot somewhere. This two are the eyes of Wednesday if nobody knows I mean who is Odin without his crows.

I found very funny the scene when one of them goes to Mr. Wednesday door and he says to slow down with the message to understand. I think they were warning to Wednesday about Laura or maybe the police that was coming to the motel.

The Arrest

Then the police arrived like a SWAT and they arrest Shadow and Wednesday. Laura hides in the bathtub I don’t know if she knows what’s going on or she just want to take a bath keep trying to see if she feels something.

wednesda shadow

Well, the thing is that they got arrest because someone gives information of the robbery and in my head screams the new god Media. I mean hello the eyes that we see at the bank it’s her and that’s why she is behind from this event.

I love how Mr. Wednesday doesn’t want to cooperate and start to do the crazy babbling in this he tells the to police the truth about what he was doing about the gods but of course, he doesn’t believe him. Shadow just keep asking for a lawyer.

Bowie and Technical

Technical Boy, it’s getting out from a place still vaping toad skin with a face like somebody farts in his face and it’s the end of the world.

Technical Boy

On his way to his limo, he is forced to have a meeting with Media, this time she is in the form of David Bowie and her way to talk its with Bowies lines from some songs, she says to him that he needs to think about his brand and be careful of how he wants the world and Mr. World to see him because he hang a black man from a tree. And he needs to apologize, she even uses his resource to speak with him. I think this two have a weird relation he is like this boy and his mama it’s telling him to give the candy that he stole from the other kid.

He passes his apologies to Mr. World but she says to him that he doesn’t want it and he better take that apology to Wednesday and Shadow. Technical boy doesn’t see Wednesday as a threat he even tells her that he is collecting monsters and he gives a funny reference of Pokemon. Then in my head comes the phrase, Wednesday needs to catch them all (the gods).

technical boy

That moment as Bowie was breathtaking moment everything was on point and the lighting of this reunion was flawless I mean look at that baby skin of the Technical boy with the red light.

The Leprechaun and Laura Moon

Laura, it’s getting ready to leave I guess or she still waiting for Shadow. Mad Sweeney arrives demanding his lucky coin back. But this coin is inside Laura its was cool how he opens her mouth and sees his coin from there.

With a touch of her little fingers, she flings him across the room, she starts to torture a little to him and she says he have to answer some questions, he reveals that Wednesday told him to be at certain time to pick a fight with Shadow at Jacks crocodile bar and that he gave to her husband the wrong coin. I’m starting to think that Mr. Wednesday is not going to be a good influence with Shadow.

Mad Sweeney

He offers her other coins but she refuses them. He says to her that he will wait for her until she decomposes and then attack to strangle her at the bathtub. The cops arrive and find the act. She plays dead and he is arrested and the end you can see a smile underwater from her. Bad luck for Mad Sweeney. I don’t know why but I think he will work with Laura later.

New Gods Family Reunion

Shadow and Wednesday are sat together, meanwhile they are talking a little spider helps with Wednesday handcuffs… Anansi is that you?

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 10.50.25 AM

You can tell that Wednesday its pretty uncomfortable and he wants to get out. Shadow notice the fear in him on something that is coming and you can hear like a massacre outside of the room.

Then like a supernatural force in the air suddenly the doors open and appear Marilyn Monroe literally floating like a vampire from some Dracula movie moment into the interrogation room. Singing the iconic moment Mr. President in her giggly charming voice wearing the dress from Seven-Year Itch. Shadow recognize her from her Lucy moment in the TV. He is freak out because she is floating. She is like the opening of a show. She starts to talk about the conspiracy about how she dies, in that time people speculate that she was killed by the CIA, that she didn’t die from an overdose.


Then walks to the room the mysterious Mr. World (Crispin Glover) lighting the floor like Michael Jackson in Billie Jean music video, he enters very elegantly removing his hat. Meanwhile, in my head, I was like oh wow he is like a Miranda Priestly male version. He greets with a sinical smile to Wednesday and Shadow very politely because you know we have maners.

Mr World

Wednesday just warns Shadow not to speak to Mr. World, but this tell to Shadow that he is a person and he knows everything about all the people. I mean this dude intimidates Shadow telling him he knows how he looks when he is coming and reprent to him in front of his face. This new god represents the capitalism, he can change his form in whatever the hell he wants as we can see when he transform in Shadows. It’s pretty complicated keep track of what they are saying because the new gods talks in some way of metaphoras.

Technical Boy

With a whistle Mr World calls Technical boy like a puppy, this one walks like he do something wrong  in the school and his father is calling him to apologizes to the principal. Technical Boy apologizes in a sarcastic way and says he is sorry smirking. Mr World even offers him to beat up but Shadow declines this action to them.

new gods

Now that the act I “The apologies” is finish the act II start in that moment when the new gods wants to help Wednesday to find his audience because they know he is planning in something against them. In an awkward monologue of Media, she says that they want to team up with Wednesday using technology and media to help him.


“Wouldn’t you like an upgrade?” Media says. “A brand-new, lemon-scented you?” Then they are surrounded by a rainbow, a unicorn in a fantasy dream with a missiles war with North Korea (North Korea claims that they have proved that the unicorn exists in their lands this is way everything was like a Lisa Frank commercial).

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 3.08.57 PM

If he agrees they’ll launch Odin satellite to bring death and power all in Wednesday name….. That was a creepy trip I was like o wow that’s fuck up.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 3.09.31 PM

Wednesday refuse the offer and the new gods just start to get out on their way not pretty happy about this decision, Technical boy not understanding like a brat ask if they not going to do something because they have Wednesday right there and they can take advantage of it.


Media shut him with a blow kiss that knocks out his front very signature teeth. I need to learn how to do that…. Mr. World says they are showing respect to Mr. Wednesday for what he is and they are going to do in the right way. And then they leave.


“Is this real? Did that just happen?” Shadow asks.

“It’s still happening,” Wednesday replies.

They are on the way to leave the police station and they see all these dead officers in the room. And there’s a wood tree that tries to catch or kill Shadow? (Maybe it’s Mr. Wood) The new gods give an opportunity to do the peace with Wednesday but if he wants a war that is what he will get.


I really do love this episode, I wasn’t expecting that beautiful opening with the stop-motion tale I think this bring diversity to the series. And the message it’s clearing about the fear of Wednesday.

I starting to like more Laura, she is manipulative and egocentric with no compassion sociopath those moments with Mad Sweeney got me laughing. And oh my god the birds at Wednesday doors I love that this series have some kind of humor.

Gillian Anderson steals the show with her performance as David Bowie and Marilyn Monroe. Thank God she is a very good actress that can pull this up. Because if not this could be a go wrong awkward moments.

The lighting, the sound, the wardrobe from the new gods was on point the cinematography from this series is stunning creating a tone and a mood with them.

This episode was so great about the hype but visually was mindblowing with the characters. PROMO 6