Wonder Woman saves DC Comics

DCEU it’s learning from the mistakes I guess… after Man of Steel, Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad come to this heroine to save this franchise. Because the problem from the other movies is the plot, they have everything… they have the actors, the awesome costumes, the effects but they always have a problem with the plot and the edition from their films.

Now Wonder Woman comes with this origin story about her I was very worried at the beginning because I was rooting for all the other films but they disappoint me in some kind of way but after I watch this movie Wonder Woman I said maybe there is hope.

I think they follow the lead with taking the origin as it was like that cartoon movie of wonder woman from the DC Animated Movies and they adapt to a movie. This is something that they should do with Suicide Squad if they did that cartoon into a movie I wouldn’t be mad and maybe people will like it more.

Gal Gadot does a very good job as Diana from Themysicra, you see how she grow up and you understand more where she is come from and her principles. She captures the innocence, headstrong, emotional and a fantastic Wonder Woman.

Diana comes from a fantasy world of Amazons in Themysicra where she learns the things of life through books. And when she wants to go outside to save the world she will have to confront the realities that awaits from her that nothing it’s like she learns about. Making her a naïve heroine but with a big heart and a desire to protect the humanity unconditionally from the bad guys, she will get strong as the time pass and see things as it is.

I love the chemistry between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) this two deliver the romance part they bring the little humor from this awful time of history with the band of brothers from Trevor.

The action from the movie was on point from the beginning with the Amazons that was a very crazy awesome moment it makes me quit bread and do CrossFit… but no…
The action sometimes they use the slow freeze shots to do more dramatic moments that was a cool way to do an action sequence.

Overall the movie doesn’t disappoint it’s funny, it’s dramatic, it’s visually beautiful in his moments the colors and photography is perfection, little girls can watch it and see a very strong female heroine to look at.