American Gods Season 1 Episode 6

Recap /Review/ Spoilers

Coming to America


A group of Mexican are attempting to cross the border of the States, before this, they pray for their Christian God Jesus to help them cross the river, one of the men start drowning and someone grabs his hands and pulls him out, this person walks on water and here we see the Mexican Jesus. (Because remember when Wednesday says there is a lot of Jesus out there and that Mexican Jesus arrived here like all the immigrants)

This person doesn’t last long when a group of Americans starts open fire to them and you can see that they are Christian too with all the details around their guns. But they don’t follow the same leader. Then we see the Mexican Jesus laying in the water crucified.


I love how they are playing with the idea of the various version of Jesus from other episodes they are teasing us with this because we approach the religion in some kind of different way. This wasn’t a powerful coming to America like the others It felt like meh I understand the message from the same religion different point of view but this one was pretty flat.

The Motel


Shadow is still freaked out from the confrontation with the new gods and tells “What the hell was that in there?” (Marilyn Monroe floating, the massacred and that weird tree that stabbed him in the stomach I mean come on dude are you seriously asking this you just saw your dead wife and some weird shit it’s happening from the moment you meet Wednesday) Talking about the dead wife Shadows tells that he was recently visited by Laura… Wednesday act like he is surprised.


And I think Wednesday have this urge to separated Shadow from Laura from the other episode because maybe the crows tell him what is happening at Shadows room and he was like somehow desperate to go out that night before the cops arrived. And in this episode, you can see how Wednesday its desperate to go back to the road before Laura came, he spots Laura in the rearview mirror and turns on more the volume of the radio and keep driving.

The leprechaun, the dead wife, and a Cap


So the police took Laura’s car from the motel because they think she was dead, then Mad reappears again looking for Laura he will not rest until this girl gets him back his lucky coin. So he makes an offer to her, that he knows someone who knows someone that can resurrect her and she agrees before they hit the road they try to steal a cab but they’re stopped by the guy whose car they’re trying to steal and he says to them with a weapon in his hand “Please stop stealing my cab”


And it’s Salim! In the novel Salim it’s just a little story from one chapter but here they are giving him more participation, from this moment I’m going to divorce the novel from the series because they are taking another direction in a good way, far by now I’m loving everything they are doing to this characters.


Salim now free from his another life he has this purpose to find the Jinn, Mad tell him he knows where he can find the Jinn but he won’t tell him nothing until they get to Kentucky and get Laura resurrected. Laura sees that Mad fall sleep and she change the road to Indiana. This trio it’s going to be a comedy relief from this story I loving the interaction of this them.

The Wood

The condition of the wound of Shadow it’s getting worse and Mr. Wednesday takes a good look at it. Mr. Wood plant something of him inside Shadows and he is feeling that his wound is moving and he is losing a lot of blood. Wednesday explains that this is work of Mr. Wood he explains that he was the god of the forests and trees but he sacrificed his forest to the sawmills.


Hello, New Gods proposition of new modern society. This means that he is from their side. Wednesday cradles the wound ripping out the thing that was hurting Shadow. Then he plants a little kiss to the side of Shadows head like a little kid. Awwww



Shadow and Mr. Wednesday arrive at this small town Vulcan in Virginia. A very American town way with American flags, it looks like an empty town but suddenly there are people wearing armbands like a fashion statement of Vulcan. Everyone he or she has a gun in they’re possessions. They reunited to honoring an employee who fell into the molten metal from the factory of bullets. But this event has happened before but the town they feel like is

They reunited to honoring an employee who fell into the molten metal from the factory of bullets. But this event has happened before but the town they feel like is a human sacrifice for the good of the town. Creepy ok


Vulcan the town leader embraces Wednesday as an old friend like a brother and assure Shadow that there is no harm that will come to him. (Vulcan is a god that was made for the series he even doesn’t appear in the novel.) Outside Vulcan house in the front yard Shadows see a tree like in his dreams the old hanging tree.

Wednesday is there to recruit his friend for his cause against the new gods in Wisconsin, Vulcan agrees and he promises to Wednesday to forge a blade for the war a blade “Worthy of a god”.


As soon as he completed the blade he confesses that he is teaming with the New Gods and has no intention to join the war because he found his relevance in this new era and the guns topic made him more stronger. He says to the them “They gave me a gun. They put power back in my hand”

Wednesday slices his friends from the neck and pushes him to fall in the hot bullet batter and then he pees into the mixture and he says I’m laying down a curse. Shadow like always tries to process this moment… Shadow come on seriously after all you see from this journey.