American Gods Season 1 Episode 7

Recap /Review/ Spoilers

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Only one episode left of this first season of American Gods and they have no rush to reveal everything, they are taking the story pretty slow and that’s a good thing to do. This means they will explore the characters and extended the plot. Besides they are no longer taking the line story from the novel.

This episode it’s about the relationship between Mad Sweeney and Laura and the story of Essie McGowan and her believe in fairies tales and leprechauns. They are some hints, good music, an amazing cinematography but this everybody knows that this show has it but still somehow amaze me how they deliver this creativity to tell us this story and of course a shocking revelation almost at the end of the episode from this journey that we were watching this whole season.

Coming to America


The episode opens in Ibis and Jaquel’s funeral parlor, where Jaquel is preparing a corpse and Mr. Ibis ask him if he needs help this says no because you have a story to write. Mr. Ibis takes up his pen and starts with a new Coming to America 1721 with the story of the Transportation from the old England. In the British court system, you could avoid prison or the sentence to death by choosing to be transported to Americas, where you could work off your debts as a servant for me this sounds pretty good instead of a prison or the death.

He introduces us the tale of a young Irish girl name Essie McGoman, who grew up believing the tales of fairies and leprechauns.


This character in the novel from chapter 4 in Coming to America is Essie Tregowan and she was Cornish. In the series is played by Emily Browning a.k.a Laura Moon, but they never makes a connection between Essie and Laura both women has a similar personality so this confused a little because it doesn’t know if Laura is descendant from Essie and this is maybe why Mad have some sympathy for Laura. Or maybe they just want to give more participation to the actors and make an awesome story tale with the same person who is with Mad Sweeney now on this road.

Essie story really starts when she is a servant in Ireland she seduce the young boy of the house promising a marriage to her, this boy gives her a necklace, other servant sees her with the lace and tells to the head of the house. The mother of the boy asks him if he give her the piece of jewelry to Essie and he denies it putting Essie in a sentenced to transportation to the Carolinas.

On te ship Essie persuaded the ship’s captain to return her to London, he falls for her but the moment that he have to left to his next journey, she disappeared leaving a new life shoplifting. She always was safe because of her offering for the fairies and leprechauns and her luck was on point but when she forget to do this offering her luck ran out this time she was caught out and sentenced to the hang and the transportation wasn’t an option for her.

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On the Road

Laura, Sweeney, and Salim are on the road to Kentucky for the mission of Laura resurrection. They do a stop because Salim has to do his prayers. Mad while he is peeing he is talking with one of Mr. Wednesday crows, Laura catches him and he slips that the gods will gather at the House of Rock in Wisconsin. Laura set Salim free and tells him where to find his Jinn. He says goodbye and took off to Wisconsin.


Laura start to take the ice cream truck for the road and the driver comes quickly and says to her to punch him in the face so his boss believes that he was robbed, but Mad says to him “Trust ME you don’t want this one hitting you” They take the road in a frozen ice cream truck this is something pretty good for Laura because she is a living zombie and plus she doesn’t have to have the flys around her.



While she is in the jail she talks to another person next to her cell, as we can see its Mad Sweeney and London it’s not a happy place for him too, maybe Essie offerings are not enough to sustain him. Essie talks about her plan in America and Mad listen to her but the next morning he is gone. The prison warden comes with a proposal to her and we all know how this end ok. In her court, for the hang, she reveals she is pregnant and she is shipped off to America.

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She arrives in America with her child and she started to works for an old widower as a maid she tells to the local children the stories about the fairies and leprechauns. She ends marrying him but with time she grew a true love for him and find her happiness with this journey she keeps her tradition offering milk and bread every night to the fairies and leprechauns. With time her grandchildren and the people of Virginia have no time for her stories so she begins to keep them to herself.

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One night she is on the front porch and Mad Sweeney go to her thanking her for all her years of faith even when she brought him into the land with no time for magic and fairies. With this Essie past away.

Ice cream and Bunnies

Laura trying to avoid a rabbit she flips the ice cream truck sending her body through the windshield, her front stitches broke open as she hit the road and Mad coins leave her body returning her as a dead body. Mad is relieved to have his coin back before he starts to walk he remind the last time he saw her broken body.


So yeah in this episode is revealed that Sweeney is the responsible of the car crash and the dead of Laura. All this by Wednesdays orders. So here start my speculations of that Wednesday was so desperate to separate Laura from Shadow and the crows were always watching the relationship from them. All this was part of Wednesday plan from a long time ago. And the problem of his plans it’s the returning of Laura to life.

Mad guilt gets better of him or maybe he is sick of all this war events, he place the coin back to Lauras and she is back to life punching him in the face. I dont know if she knows what happen but i was piss with her because girl come on this dude its going to help you. She flips the ice cream truck and they take the road again toward Kentucky.

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I loving that the people that are making this series are taking their time like i said at the beggining, we can explore more all this creatures and as a reader from the novel i found out as everybody new stuffs from this journey.  This War will not happend now and i hope season 2 come very quickly because there is only one episode left and i think this episode will be mindblowing you can watch the promo in this link below.