American Gods Season 1 Episode 8

Recap /Review/ Spoilers

The first season of American Gods come to an end with an amazing finale with a declaration of war. This finale reveals a lot of things and lets us wanting more from this story.

The tale of Queen Sheba

anansiThe episode open in Mr. Nancy place full of spiders making suits custom made from spider silk to Mr. Wednesday and Shadow. This time Nancy will tell the story of how Bilquis “Come to America”. At this point Shadow even will not ask how Mr. Nancy turn a light on from nowhere, you can tell by his face after what happened to Vulcan.

bilquisNancy tells the tale of Queen Sheba in the Temple of Bar’an wearing a golden suit with the jewelry piece we previously saw in other episodes at the museum, she enters at the temple surrounded by worshipers making her a very powerful god, “Kings didn’t like that” says Nancy. “Kings came one after another to knock her off her throne. They didn’t last long.” That was the most powerful moment she will ever be, at the end of the party orgy and all the worshipers even the king that was there dissolve into a black liquid disappearing into her.

The years past and we see Bilquis at the 70’s from temples to discos, with what was happening at that time with the woman and the country (Yemen), she decides to go to America. She was going to survive somehow. “But America, too, can take issue with a woman of power,” says Nancy “It finds ways of cutting her down” Here she loses her lover to AIDS. In 2013 we see Bilquis on the streets as a homeless person pushing a shopping cart, she stops at a restaurant with a theme of her culture and watches at the tv helpless how ISIS destroy her temples.

Laying down on the streets, Technical Boy arrives and approach her at the night saying to her “I hear they blew up your altar, I have a new one to offer you.” He hands her a cell phone in a mocking way, to introduce her into online dating even creating an app in her name “Sheba” like Tinder. She doesn’t trust too much in him but she doesn’t have another choice to survive this is how the old gods agree to merger with the new gods.

Easter Party

slide211.jpgBefore heading to Wisconsin, Wednesday needs to ally with a powerful member in Kentucky. Shadow dreams again with the Buffalo and the World Tree he wakes up on the road trip and they arrive in Kentucky with a lot of cute bunnies on the road and a beautiful house with a lake and flowers. The walk into a very luxurious Easter Party.

In the party, we can see I think Mary Magdalene in the red cape, The Virgin Mary breastfeeding a baby Jesus and all the Jesus that everyone believes. So they meet Ostara the God of Easter (Kristin Chenoweth) welcoming her guest in a toast. Before the resurrection of Jesus, Easter was a holiday to that held a festival in the name of Easter to celebrate the end of winter and the arrival of spring. But after Jesus, Ostara evolved her holiday with the celebration of the resurrection.

Shadow then realizes that all her guests seem familiar, the woman with the white veil breastfeeding a baby, a man with bloody hands and man’s wearing sandals and robes. One of the men greets him by his name. Then I think Shadow have a blood sugar drop when he gets that in the party all were a version of Jesus and that they’re all gods.

Slide29People used to say omg why Shadow doesn’t realize that Wednesday, Czernobog or Anansi are gods? Why is he so stupid? Well he is not familiarized with this tales and others religions we are watching the story from an outside perspective and we have more information about this characters than Shadow have ever witnessed and it’s not so hard to miss the signs of the Christians Gods from this side of the world.

Easter is not so thrilled to see Wednesday, but she’s totally charmed with Shadow. She looks at him like a real piece of chocolate. Wednesday talks about his business and wants to recruit her to his cause but she brushes him off and tells him she’s not like him that people haven’t forgotten her saying that people still celebrate eaters. However Wednesday reminds her that people are celebrating her day but not in her name, that she does all the job and Jesus take all the prayers, Jesus says that he fills terrible about the situation. But Wednesday insist in telling him that he crucified Ostara day.

Then Ostara takes Shadow and Wednesday into a room and arguing about the subject, then Wednesday says to Ostara that the New Gods kill Vulcan that he pledged his allegiance to him and forged a blade in his honor and that’s why they kill him. And that’s why Wednesday needs the powerful Easter to fight the New Gods and that she will make people worship her into her name.


Bilquis still revisiting the exposition of the old relics of her temples she has a phone call from Technical Boy she cancel the call and then he appears at the museum telling her that she’s been avoiding him and inform her that he’s there to take the favor she owes him for helping her. She turns to look at him in her charming way and leans close to him but he back her off telling her “I have no intention of spending the rest of my days feeding your soul from the vagina nebula” “You owe”

For now, Technical Boy doesn’t have this sexual intimacy intention he is like an asexual person or he is very on the head with his game. By now we don’t know what his plan is but someday we will know.


Slide40The next moment is the ice cream damaged truck with the arriving of Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney. Laura finds that Shadow is there with her GPS Shadow light. Then we see Shadow enters to the pool and see one of the Jesus sitting inside the pool, I will like to wash him turning that water into wine like YAAAS KING! But he drops his glass and it sinks to the bottom of the pool and he whispers “God damn it” I love how the back lights make like a halo effect around some Jesus and Mary’s.

Shadow and Jesus have a talk about belief, Shadow it’s not sure if he can believe in all what is watching, “Even if you don’t believe, you cannot travel in any other way than the road your senses show you,” Jesus tells him. “And you must walk that road to the end.”

A dead girl at the Party

Mr. Wednesday is making his speech and plans to Ostara about what she should do for the people to pray for Ostara, but then a rabbit appears and she leans to listen to the information he brings, her words after this was Holy S-it and runs to the other room and tells to Mad Sweeney “ A dead girl? I have a house full of guests and a garage full of caterers” Easter is not happy about the situation, but she owes Sweeney a favor so she agrees to bring Laura back.

When she examines Laura she watches the crown and Mad Sweeney into her eyes, she back off apologizing and telling her that she can’t resurrect her because she was killed by a god. Easter leaves when the white rabbit inform her again that she has another guest (it’s a funny thing to watch her leaning to hear what the bunnies say to her) Laura turns to Sweeney and angrily asks, “Which f—ing God?”

Unexpected Guest

Things get complicated for Easter when Media appears to the celebration in Judy Garland from the movie Easter Parade dancing with one of the faceless dudes dress like somehow Fred Astaire but their dancing it’s with a touch of hip-hop. Telling to Ostara that she could hardly wait to keep their date that lovely Easter morning. Ostara confuse she ask Media if they had a date? Media responds to this “We popularized the pagan, we practically invented brunch!” “We built this holiday” Media and Easter.

Telling to Ostara that she could hardly wait to keep their date that lovely Easter morning. Ostara confuse she ask Media if they had a date? Media responds to this “We popularized the pagan, we practically invented brunch!” “We built this holiday” Media and Easter. Before media take a step to the house, Easter takes Media to the garden so she can’t see Wednesday or the dead girl inside the house.


Then again with Laura and Sweeney, she is holding him by his twins asking him which god kill her, Sweeney admits to running her off the road, but she says he is not a true god, and if he doesn’t tell her she will kill him “I swear to Jesus, he’s right outside” she says. Then he says that she already knew which god kill her, and she says she knows but she wants Sweeney to tell her from him which. Sweeney defeated tells her the truth that it was Wednesday.

Slide50And here we are with my speculations about Wednesday to Laura, He plans everything up Shadow going to jail and Laura’s death, she was a sacrificed. Because Wednesday wants Shadow at his side for whatever reason he has. “He needed your man, He needed him to be in a place where he had nothing left in the world, nothing to lose because he’d already lost everything,” says Sweeney and Laura replies “What does Wednesday have to lose?”

Battle for Easter

Slide52Easter and Media are walking to the garden and Media asked if Wednesday is there at the house, Easter tells that he was there trying to enlist her in something he was planning but she dismissed him before hearing him out that she is doing just fine and why she would help him. Media doesn’t buy this and tell her that she is an old god new again, “You feel you’ve been treated unfairly?” she quote. Easter confess that she is misrepresented in the media, Media replies to this to put that feeling away, “St Nick (Santa Claus) took the same deal you did, the only reason you’re still relevant today is because Easter is a Christian holiday. It’s religious Darwinism… Adapt and survive.”

Easter is not happy of hearing this and Media threat her telling her that they are living in the times of atheism and what will happen if suddenly God does not exist for anyone. To this Wednesday walks to the garden and confront her “What if they decide God does exist?” then Media and Wednesday start to arguing soon Technical Boy and Mr. World show up and start to compete over Easter.

Wednesday reminds Easter that it doesn’t have to be over the New Gods way, that people used to pray for her for the return of spring, “People create gods when they wonder why things happen,” he says. “You know why things happen? Because gods make them happen. You wanna know how to make good things happen? Be good to your God.” Then Wednesday strikes a thunder over the faceless man dedicating their deaths to Ostara (Easter).

This is the moment that Shadow sees Wednesday as he really is, and as the storm begins swirling around him, Wednesday confesses his true nature, naming himself as Odin, and he urges Easter to accept her true nature and do the same. She took the stage embracing her power letting her hair down and we see all the country and what was green dying and sinking back to the earth, flower petals swirl around her until she took off the spring.

Media, Technical Boy, and Mr. World are watching with open mouths and there’s nothing they can do to fix this, and this is the meaning of war. “Tell the believers and the nonbelievers, tell them we’ve taken the spring,” Wednesday says, smiling. “They can have it back when they pray for it.” But he’s interrupted by Laura, who politely tells him, “I’d like to have a word with my husband.”

The End

Slide69The season ends with Bilquis on a bus to Wisconsin, yeah people she is going to The House of Rock, where Wednesday and the other gods are planning to gather. We don’t know what are the plans for her if she still at New Gods side or the change her mind. That something we will see in the next season.


So the war is on and the first season comes to this end, they are taking their time to make this a good story to tell for the tv. Far by now Shadow now it’s starting to believing more in the world of gods. Wednesday reveal his true nature TO HIM, Laura knows Wednesday is the responsible for her death.

Like I said before they are not following the timeline from the novel, they are making another version for the tv and I loving it. Because they are introducing new gods and giving more role players to the characters. Season 1 has been strange, marvelous, funny, enchanting and weird. I’m forward to watch the next season and see what they offer but I really need it NOW.